8 D.I.Y Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are  great because they are small items for your guests to take home with them and remember the newly-weds by. If you want to avoid spending too much time and effort , you can buy the favors, but on the other hand, if you want to give your guests something a little more personal, then you can make the favors yourself! This can be a fun activity for your wedding you and your party, so grab your friend’s and Do it Yourself!

We’ve gathered some inspiration for your wedding favors below! Let us know your favorite!

1. S’mores Kit.

2. A small bottle of bubbly champagne

3. Hand-made scrub soap

4.Personalized Coasters

5. Hot Sauce

6. Handmade Succulents

7. Infused Sugar In a Jar

8. Homeade Candles

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